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Sometimes you feel the need to know if you are really successful or not. You know you are probably doing a good job but you need proof, criteria or simply some indicators...

Below are some indicators that you are doing a good job:

1. You have repeat clients
2. You have more business volume from the same clients
3. Your often get clients as referrals or from word of mouth
4. You have less complaints over time
5. You can increase your price with minimal resistance
6. Your profitability margins increase from one year to another
7. You have minimal money collection issues
8. Your employee morale and commitment are high
9. You have better reviews and testimonials
10. You are doing the same job in less time

And here are three indicators that you are doing a wonderful job:

1. Your ability to make your old employer a client
2. Your ability to make your competitor a client
3. Your ability to be your own client
The above three indicators will be discussed in future separate articles; in the meantime, please reflect on those points and we would like to know your opinion about them.

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